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Windows XP VPN Setup

1.Download the following setup program Windows XP VPN Setup

2.Start xpvpn32.exe and follow on screen prompts. Press "Yes"
Install VPN on XP 32 bit

3.Read the Agreement and select Yes or No.
Virtual Private 
        Network Connection License Agreement

4.Install for "My Use Only" and "Add a shortcut on the Desktop"
Install L2TP 
        VPN for My Use Only

5.If the installation was successful you will see the following image on your computer. Press Properties
VPN Name: Blacklogic

6.Go to VPN tab, and select VPN Destination from the list.Press OK
Server Address

7.Enter your Blacklogic user name and password (you've received these after completing your purchase, and you can also find them in your receipt e- mail) and click "Connect".
8.You are now connected to Blacklogic! 

To test your IP & Privacy please follow this link: IP&Privacy Test
To disconnect, right-click the VPN connection symbol in the system tray and choose "Disconnect".

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