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Sometimes it happens that you are able to connect to a VPN server from your Mac 10.5 - 10.13.4, but when the connection is successfully established you are no longer able to access the Internet. Also, it may happen that your Tunnelblick OpenVPN connection stalls at "TLS Handshake Failed" stage.
If you experience one of the above, then most likely your VPN tunnel is being filtered by DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) system at the ISP level. We've been advised that ISPs in the UAE, Iran, China, Russia, Uzbekistan and some other countries are actively utilizing DPI systems and are blocking VPN tunnels

However, there are multiple way to bypass DPI filtering and one of them is to scramble VPN connection so the tunnel it's not detected.
1) Don't use MAC built-in L2TP VPN Client.
2) Please download up-to-date Tunnelblick OpenVPN client for your MAC OSX from here
3) After successfull installation, please download updated OpenVPN configs from the Client Area and import configs with word "scramble" in the config names
4) a VPN connection should be established successfully
5) If you still experience connectivity problems, please don't hesitate to open a support ticket and we'll gladly issue new OpenVPN configs or new IPs of VPN servers

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