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Mac OS X VPN Setup L2TP

1 .Open System Preferences
Open System Preferences on your MacBook

2. Click Network
Mac OSX VPN Click Network

3. Add a new Service
Add a new Service on Mac OSX

4. Press VPN
Select VPN

5. Select type of VPN and enter Service name
Select VPN type (L2TP) and enter Service name

6. Enter your VPN username/password and press Authentication Settings.
Enter VPN username/password on MAC OS and Authentication Settings

7. Enter your Password and IPSec pre-shared secret key
Enter VPN Pre-shared secret key

8. Show VPN Status and press Advanced

Press VPN Advanced

9. Check "Send all traffic over VPN..."

Send All Traffic Over VPN

10. To Connect press "Connect"

Press Connect

11. VPN is now Connected. To Disconnect press "Disconnect"

Disconnect from Mac OSX VPN

12. Check your IP here:

Check your IP here

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